2/ Peer Review

Lauren Perry’s blog

Hi Lauren, I thought your blog on Wise passiveness was well done. I believe you provided great explanations and textual evidence, quoting William Wordsworth’s poem “Expostulation and Reply” providing context, of Wordsworth’s circumstances and beliefs that establish the term wise passiveness. This helps in making the reader better understand what Wise passiveness entitles and better resonate with your own personal experience of wise passiveness. The suggestion I would make for this particular blog is that the example you provide in connecting with nature could use a bit more specificity, such as a location/place or moment that causes wise passiveness, especially as we live in the city making it difficult to connect with nature. This would allow the reader to connect more deeply, better understanding what you refer to as moments that allow you to experience wise passiveness. Overall, I thought your blog was about wise passiveness was a nice piece to read. 

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