Peer Review 4

Jessica Aramini Hi Jessica, your written letter to Miss Slattery is effective in conveying your passion as a feminist towards Miss Slattery commenting on her empowering motives, as well as your reflection of Mr. Szabo and Misses Slattery’s relationship. Especially notable is your reflection towards Mr. Slazo and Miss Slattery’s relationship symbolism towards unbalanced relationships […]

Peer Review 3

Cameron Cole Hi Cameron, your poem’s conveyance of William Pigenuit’s Kosciuszko is very well written encapturing a very telling image of landscape art piece. Your descriptive use of many subjects within the composition allows for vivid imagery such as “moss-speckled lumps/ yellowing grass/ sparse brush”. Alternatively, your adjectives assist in encapsulating moving image throughout adjectives […]

Peer Review 1

Erika Mei Tan Hello Erika your blog review’s focus on the poem ‘Urbanised Reebocks‘, written by Lisa Bellear, is an extensively detailed critical blog, with the expression of your emotional state throughout is self-reflective. Erika you provide background information of Bellear and input of the poems subject matter. Going as far to place quotations that […]

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