3/ Critical Blog

1/ Which painting made the strongest impression on you and how did it amplify your understanding of any of the literary themes that we have been exploring.  French 18th century enlightenment artist, Francis Boucher, and his painting, ‘A Young Lady Holding a Pug Dog’, held the strongest impression for me with its representation of enlightenment […]

2/ Peer Review

Lauren Perry’s blog Hi Lauren, I thought your blog on Wise passiveness was well done. I believe you provided great explanations and textual evidence, quoting William Wordsworth’s poem “Expostulation and Reply” providing context, of Wordsworth’s circumstances and beliefs that establish the term wise passiveness. This helps in making the reader better understand what Wise passiveness […]

2/ Creative Blog

“Wise Passiveness”- describe a moment in your own life where such a phrase might apply. Wordsworth’s poem “Expostulation and Reply”, is a response towards his friend’s anti-romantic views attempting to place emphasis that his man-made sources of knowledge and society cannot compare to the experiences of nature.   Wordsworth’s line “Wise Passiveness” refers to a phenomenon […]

1/ Critical Blog

Are you in agreement with Dorothy Wordsworth’s reactions to S.T. Coleridge’s domestic life? Say why you agree or disagree.  Dorothy Wordsworth’s criticism of Coleridge’s lifestyle in expanding his poetry through adventures by sacrificing his domestic lifestyle is not something I can fully agree with. Whilst Dorothy may have a point in learning to experience nature […]

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